Branding America

From her vantage point as a consultant, strategist  fundraiser, and television news commentator, Noelle Nikpour has watched how the branding techniques used by corporations to see their products are now being used by campaigns to sell candidates.  No longer are ideas and qualifications the primary driver of who wins elections.

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What Does Your Brand About You?

Upon becoing a television news commentator, Noelle Nipour had a realization.

She, like everyone, has a brand.

A native of Arkansas, Noelle was already a successful Republican consultant and strategist who has raised fund for various political candidates.

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Author Bio.

Noelle Nikpour, branding expert, knows how a brand can make or break your company, image, or even get you that great career you’ve been looking for! What happens when you’re already a success and your brand is tarnished? Nikpour can not only repair that tarnished brand, she can re-brand it for you! She has experience with politicasl, sports, corporate, and celebrity crisis branding.

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In The News

Be sure to continually check the “In the News.” section of our website as Noelle regularly appears on national television as a branding expert.  Additionally we will also continue to post some of her most recent articles for the  South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

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